My sister and I just returned from Jill and Kathy’s October retreat, and I’m so glad we made the time to attend. It was worth the trip from Texas. South Haven is a pleasant community, the fall leaf color was amazing, and the retreat site is quite beautiful. I’ve been a vegan for some time, but I still learned some new recipes, and LOVED being able to travel to an interesting part of the country without having to worry about what I would be able to find to eat. The food provided was plentiful and tasty, and we had the opportunity to try quite a few recipes. Best of all are the friends my sister and I made at the retreat. I don’t know whether it’s typical for PlantLife Journey retreats, but I felt an affinity for everyone in attendance, as well as our gracious hosts, and expect to continue to communicate with my new friends, and hopefully, to see them all again.

Elaine Watson Avatar Elaine Watson
October 18, 2022

I am so glad I attended the Plant Life Journey Retreat. I felt burned out from work and wanted to get away and detox the negativity surrounding me. I was searching for a week-long wellness retreat near me (I live in Chicago). I stumbled upon this site and was hesitant as it was geared toward a Plant-based diet, which I had no intention or desire. However, I decided to sign up as it also mentioned "wellness retreat": I spoke with Jill on the phone, who was so kind and accommodating. That was the best decision I made. I came out after the week retreat, meeting so many good-hearted people I would never have met; I learned, assisted in cooking, and ate delicious Vegan dishes! Small but steady, I will now be taking steps to take dairy out of my diet. But I have to say this retreat is also a wellness retreat; I met many people who inspired me; I experienced detox from processed food and the negativity I carried. I learned well-being tools I will take with me, such as knowing things I can and cannot control. If you want a wellness retreat, try this place as I did. Thank you, Jill and Kathy, for creating this beautiful space for us.

Paulina Avatar Paulina
October 16, 2022

My husband dropped me off at PLJ weary, ragged and low-spirited, having not recovered postpartum. He was hoping I would recover some of my health with much needed sleep and healthy eating; But I didn’t want to be there, feeling low and anxious about being away from my baby. So my expectations were nonexistent. However, I am glad my dear husband was smart and caring enough to put me in time out. I got the rest and good eating as intended. The menu was thoughtful and healthful. Everything from ingredients to timing was perfect. Jill and Kathy work together like a dream team: solid, knowledgable, prepared, and, most importantly, flexible and accommodating for a group of guests with varied goals and abilities. They made cooking and eating healthy fun and easy. We all contributed and participated as much or as little as we wanted. I have never been so impressed by any level of caring and professionalism until now. I was safe and in good hands, grateful I wasn’t in a hospital, strapped to machines and getting pressured to take unsafe meds. PLJ is one the few environments a body can properly rest and heal in. Not only did my aching body find rest, but my spirits lifted. Under Jill’s and Kathy’s firm and understanding encouragement, I found a group of women to laugh and cry with. They understood, listened, shared and supported without reserve and judgement. I have had people try to help and tell me they weren’t judging (except they were). These women never bothered saying they weren’t judging because the thought didn’t even cross anyone’s mind. They have met their inner demons and have had to face them down. And they were wise enough to know the fight never stops. My only goal had been to focus on sleeping as much as possible to let my body finally start healing. But I went away feeling as if my thirsty soul had gotten a much needed drink. Because of PLJ, I have learned a much deeper level of gratitude, peace, support, and friendship (no matter how brief). Thank you, Jill, Kathy and all the new friends I made.

Khanh Kavinda Avatar Khanh Kavinda
May 18, 2022

I am ever grateful for Jill, Kathy and Peter who led me on this incredible journey. As a yoga teacher and in my late 60’s I thought I led a pretty healthy lifestyle. Three years ago I started having “gut” issues. My gastroenterologist diagnosis was IBS-C. Every morning I would wake nauseated, bloated, stomach cramps and low energy. I pushed myself to get through the day. The medication I was on relieved the C (constipation) part of IBS, but listed the other side effects that effected my lifestyle. I signed up for the retreat and advised my doctor I was going off the medication 2 weeks before and during the retreat. He approved with taking Gas-X tablets and Miralax twice a day. The day of the retreat I decided to skip all meds and just see how this goes. By the 2nd day I started to notice a change and by the last day of the retreat I was sure I was cured of my IBS-C with more energy than I have felt in years. (I am so excited to share this news with my doctor this week.) There are no words to describe the presentation of this retreat in my vocabulary! The knowledge and affirmation of this lifestyle is something Jill, Kathy and Peter share and live each day. Their enthusiasm and passion is in everything they do and say. The food was so delicious and presented with a magazine photo worthy way that made eating so enjoyable! The walks along the beach and to the lighthouse with my new group of friends is something I will always treasure. And the I posted on Facebook look like a postcard and brought such serenity to the end of our day. So, if you are looking for a beautiful setting, a fun new approach to eating healthy and learning about Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle plus seeing a better version of yourself don’t hesitate! You owe it to yourself to experience it all!

Judi Underhill Avatar Judi Underhill
July 9, 2021

The one week vegan beach wellness retreat is a life-changing experience. I felt very pampered yet extremely empowered with all the skills to make easy WFPB meals & desserts for daily routines. The staff - Jill, Kathy, Peter are extremely knowledgeable, warm, down to earth, and resourceful. Enjoyed the walking, forest bathing, cooking classes, guest lectures, and resources. Will definitely do it again & highly recommend it to all those who want to optimize their health.

Dr. Madhuri Pydisetty Avatar Dr. Madhuri Pydisetty
June 9, 2021