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Mango Sorbetto

This recipe (along with banana nice creams) have been 'Game Changing' for me. Who knew in my binge eating days of eating pints and quarts of fattening cow milk ice cream (EWWW) that there was a MUCH HEALTHIER, creamy, cold, sweet alternative just waiting for me to throw together whenever I wanted! Life is Good.

Potato Vegetable Soup

  Using a food processor can make many kitchen tasks a breeze. This recipe is comfort food for winter and cold season.


Chick-it Seasoning

This recipe can be your new "secret ingredient" for soups, stews, baked tofu slices, veggie broth or anything you want to add some chicken-like flavor to!


Creamy Dijon Dressing

Here at Plant Life Journey, we like to find alternatives greasy, fatty oils in our dressings. Did you know that all oils are highly processed and that oil is 400 times more calorically dense than fruits and veggies?? This recipe yields a rich, creamy, texture with all the flavor just waiting to dip or coat […]